2020 TURBINE lessons

Thanks to everyone who came, we had a long interesting evening.

Lectures that we had:

  • Lotem – how I learned to ride a bicycle
  • Tami – 7 days of extreme weather (ask for better title)
  • Eli – airborne wind turbines – state of the technology
  • Sue – being an Ole Hadash
  • Yeara –
  • Music
  • Evyatar
  • Tammy
  • Yaaron
  • Jeremy
  • Alon

Some lessons:

  • Start earlier. Maybe 7.
  • Have a microphone.
  • Less music bits: had 3. 1-2 are fine.
  • Embedded videos in pptx do not work well – not with libreoffice and not with other versions of power point.

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  1. דאנק איר פֿאַר דעם גרויס אַרטיקל.

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